Sgt. Taversham Hale

Paranoid guardsman


Specialist Taversham Hale, 12th Combat Logistics, Grove’s Fall Imperial Guard. Father unknown, mother Elspeth Hale, deceased. Enslisted at age 18. Promoted to PFC at 19, Specialist at 22.

SPC Hale performed admirably (if somewhat unremarkably) as a Trojan Support Vehicle driver for some six years in the Guard, stationed aboard the logistics ship INS Bellerophon.  Roughly six months prior to the SPC's induction, the Bellerophon was involved in the routine recovery of a nearby crashed Biologis vessel on the forbidden world Avitohol.  The recovery proceeded without incident and all equipment and cargo was accounted for, though the Biologis counted several casualties from the crash.
Shortly after departure, however, Captain Korhonen failed to report for duty, and subsequently could not be located aboard the vessel.  Bosun Moretti and Yeoman JankauskienÄ— similarly vanished the following day.  Accusations of murder and conspiracy were levied against the Biologis; unrest was so rampant that XO Galea was forced to confine the Biologis to the brig until port.  The measures were ineffective, however, as disappearances continued to mount, both in the naval and ground crew.
Records of the incident beyond this point were destroyed, the log console having been damaged in some manner of firefight.  When recovered, both of Bellerophon's holds had been evacuated into space, and all life support had been terminated.  SPC Hale, the only apparent survivor, was found catatonic inside one of the unlaunched lifeboats.  The investigation, and SPC Hale, was immediately handed over to the Inquisition.

Sgt. Taversham Hale

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